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Dr. Hila May
Principal Investigator
I completed my BSc studies in the life sciences and sociology and anthropology at Tel-Aviv University in 2004. My MSc thesis was in evolutionary medicine and my PhD dissertation was in physical anthropology, both under the supervision of Prof. Israel Hershkovitz. For my post-doctoral training, I moved in 2013 to the Institute of Evolutionary Medicine at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. During my post-doc I specialized in the geometric morphometrics method. 
Gidi Arbel
Research Assistant
I received a BSc in physics and math and an MSc in geology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. The title of my PhD thesis in this department is: "A finite-element structural model of the facial skeleton: the relation of the architecture of the face to the masticatory system". I'm married to Ruhami, father to Nitai, Ma'ayan (z"l), Yonatan and Shaked and grandfather to Neta, Rotem, Naomi and Romi. 
Sarah Borgel
PhD Student
I completed my Bsc in Anthropology and Msc in Bioanthropology at the University of
Montreal, Canada. My focus consists of the study of bone histology, biomechanics,
prehistory of the Levant and human evolution. I am currently a PhD student under the
supervision of both Dr. May and Prof. Hershkovitz.
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Yakir Carmeli
MSc Student
I graduated with a B.Ed. In physical education at Wingate Academic College, and now my master's degree examines the developmental-structural characterization of the zygopophyseal joints from childhood to adulthood.
Ariana Dann
Lab Manager
I graduated with a BA in archaeology and history from Ben-Gurion university, then completed my MSc at BEM lab under the supervision of Dr. May. The title of my thesis  is: "Can the morphology of the calcaneus serve as indicator for physical activity? Changes in calcaneal morphology in modern humans from the Paleolithic period until recent times". 
Amit Hadad
PhD Candidate
I obtained my BEd in physical education majoring in posture, followed by an MScPT in physical therapy. Currently, I am a PhD candidate at Dr. Hila May's lab, researching the evolutionary development of human hip osteoarthritis and its correlation with skeletal structure.
Michal Graitzer Hadad
PhD Candidate

I graduated with B. Ed in physical education at Wingate academic College, and MSc in sport science at Wingate academic College.

I am currently a PhD candidate at Dr. Hila May's lab.



Lilach Keren
Lab manager

I have an MSc in Cell-Biology and Immunology from Tel Aviv University where I researched the activation of PPPC-Beta and its connection to cancer. After that I researched resistance to antibiotics in the Sorasky Medical Center and acted as the lead application specialist to the Academic sector in Millitech LTD.

Katarina Floreanova
Post-doctoral fellow
I graduated medical school in Prague. I worked as a general practitioner and at the same time I was engaged in clinical research. I have always been inspired by anthropology, therefore after obtaining my PhD in medicine I have started a post-doc at the Anatomy and Anthropology Department, Tel Aviv University. In my research I examined pathological processes in the middle ear of ancient populations and correlated my findings with the broader socio-economic and health contexts in prehistoric societies. 
Alex Shubin
MD Student
I was a medical student at the Sackler School of Medicine, American four-year program. In Hila's lab, I worked on a project titled, "Etiology of Hyperostosis Frontalis Interna (HFI)". 
Samuel Francis
MSc Student
I graduated with a BS in biology from the University of California, Merced. I study the shape of the femur and its relationship to the muscles around it, investigating whether femoral cross-sectional geometry is a good indicator of physical activity and lifestyle.
Hadas Avni
Msc Student
I graduated with a BSc in archaeology and the life sciences from TAU, then completed my MSc at the BEM lab with Dr. May, studying the shape of the proximal femur, and how changes in its shape can teach us about population differences, human evolution and pathologies. 
Ariel Pokhojaev
Lab Manager
I graduated with a BSc in the life sciences from TAU. I am currently a doctor of dental medicine student at the Maurice and Gabriela Goldschleger School of Dental Medicine at TAU.

Eleanor Levy
MSc Student
I graduated with a BSc in life science from Bar-Ilan University. I study the gracilization of the human skeleton from the agricultural revolution to modern days, specifically the cranium and humerus.
Liron Chavoinik
MSc Student
I graduated with a BA in archaeology and geography from Ben-Gurion university and am currently doing my MSc on the Chalcolitic populations of the southern Levant.
Victoria Roul
PhD Student
I graduated with a BSc in the life sciences and and MSc in ecology. Currently I am doing my PhD at Dr. Hila May's lab. I am studying the variation in femoral curvature and the shape of the distal femur in modern and prehistoric populations, and its association with different pathologies and types of physical activity. 
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Ruth Pelleg-Kallevag

PhD Candidate

I graduated with a BSc in Physiotherapy from TAU, and a MSc in Physiotherapy at Dalhousie University, Canada, and teach in the Department of Physiotherapy in Zefat Academic College. I am currently completing my PhD at the BEM lab with Dr Hila May. I am studying the shape of the lumbar curvature during growth, and its association with intervertebral disc and vertebral parameters.

Yulia Makovichuk
MA Student
I graduated with a BA in Archeology, Sociology and Anthropology from Tel-Aviv University. I am currently doing my MA on the burial complex from the Middle Pre-Pottery Neolithic B (10,100- 10,500 cal. BP) site Nahal- Yarmut 38.
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Dr. Helena Gondra
MSc Student
I graduated with MD in Brazil, I'm currently a Pathology resident in Sheba Medical Center, in addition to doing my MSc in evolutionary medicine. My research focuses on temporal changes in peak bone mass in population from the Levant.
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